The sanctuary is completely full. For welfare and financial reasons are unable to take any cats under any circumstances.
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Why Your Help Is So Important

There are so many abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in our Auckland communities. Our aim is to de-sex, vaccinate, and microchip every stray cat in the hope that one day each of them will have a loving home.

We are committed to educating the community, particularly New Zealand youth. Education of our new generation is paramount, teaching our young people to embrace their responsibility to care for their cats. Our stance is that we do not have a "cat problem"; we have a "people problem".

We offer a sanctuary to unwanted stray cats in a protected environment where all their needs are met in an indoor/outdoor environment.

2024 Calendars

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This is the perfect Christmas gift - you get a beautiful calendar and support the sanctuary at the same time. It is full of beautiful cat photos, inspirational quotes, education about cats, and information on what The NZ Cat foundation do. 

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Watch Anne talk about how the sanctuary started and why your help is needed

Anne Batley Burton is a staunch animal welfarist and advocate for stray and elderly cats.  Her cat sanctuary, The NZ Cat Foundation is home to more than 200 cats that she personally supports and they are in desperate need of food, and donations. Here's the real story behind how she got started with 'helping the helpless' and why this sanctuary is so important. 

Benefits to the Community

Quite apart from the sanctuary based in Huapai, Auckland, the de-sexing initiatives are an enormous benefit to the Community in general.

Whether you love cats or not, none of us want to see a whole lot of unwanted and uncared for cats on the streets. Sadly, many people simply can't afford to de-sex their pets; others fail to grasp the importance of acting responsibly. These factors are directly responsible for our unchecked cat populations. 

Our volunteers are regularly out trapping at night to pick up cats and kittens, de-sexing them and thereby preventing their proliferation.

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Our mission is to educate and assist people throughout New Zealand about the psychological and physiological health benefits of caring for cats as pets.

To foster and encourage the kind and humane treatment of cats. We actively work to prevent and discourage cruelty to or harsh, thoughtless treatment of cats. In doing so, we enhance the general health of the community.

To establish and maintain facilities for the care of cats, particularly those in need of veterinary treatment. Importantly, to de-sex, vaccinate, and microchip community cats to prevent their proliferation in the most kindly and humane way possible.

To support the charitable work of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland.

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Purr Stories

Read about our mascot Fluffy Tom!

Fluffy Tom came to us as a Tom of 11 years old after an elderly lady phoned Bob Kerridge saying he was a trouble maker. A real “Bovver Boy“, to all accounts he was fighting with other cats and getting all the girls pregnant!  He was brought to me by a trapper who said he was a “put down”, terrible cat, and would I take it to the vet. Well sorry but that’s not my style!

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How to help a lost cat

Finding a lost cat on your doorstep can be a jarring experience. You no doubt want to help, but it's not always clear what kind of help a strange cat needs. Firstly, make sure the cat or kitten has food, water, and shelter. If you can bring her into your home, keep her away from your own pets until you are certain she is healthy.

She most likely belongs to one of three categories. Either she has a home that she's wandered away from, she's been abandoned and is now a stray, or she's a feral cat that has never been socialized to humans. 

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