Unfortunately the cat sanctuary is completely full and as we need to remain within animal welfare health and safety guidelines we are unable to take in any more cats at this time.

However, we are desperately in need of volunteers so if you can help please contact us through the contact link on our website or you prefer, directly contact either Cassandra on 021 176 9232, or nzcfvolunteers@gmail.com. We are very keen to have you on board! Click Here for Application

Donations are also very welcome and with the cost of vet, food , litter and other ancillary items skyrocketing we need all the help we can get. Our bank account is 06 01850 464986-00 or go to our givealittle page on this website.

We always have beautiful cats for adoption and rescue cats are so rewarding! Knowing you have given a loving forever home to an otherwise homeless cat is a wonderful emotion.
So if you are interested in adopting please go to our adoption page or contact Holly directly on hollyb253@gmail.com.


"Helping the Helpless"

There are so many abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in our Auckland communities. Our aim is to de-sex, vaccinate, and microchip every stray cat in the hope that one day each of them will have a loving home.

We are committed to educating the community, particularly New Zealand youth. Education of our new generation is paramount, teaching our young people to embrace their responsibility to care for their cats. Our stance is that we do not have a "cat problem"; we have a "people problem".

Helping - You Make a Difference

Help Today

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Upon receipt of payment we will post it to you.

The commercial version of the Champagne Christmas song will be officially launched for digital download early December. WATCH THIS SPACE

Cats or Rats? Please read this
Petition, sign and share.
Your cats' lives depend on it.

Our Mission

Anne Batley

Our mission is to educate and assist people throughout New Zealand about the psychological and physiological health benefits of caring for cats as pets.

To foster and encourage the kind and humane treatment of cats. We actively work to prevent and discourage cruelty to or harsh, thoughtless treatment of cats. In doing so, we enhance the general health of the community.

To establish and maintain facilities for the care of cats, particularly those in need of veterinary treatment. Importantly, to de-sex, vaccinate, and microchip community cats to prevent their proliferation in the most kindly and humane way possible.

To support the charitable work of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland.

We also have the” Pussy Palace for Pensioners” which is an extensive indoor/outoor safe sanctuary for older or disadvantaged  un-homeable rescue cats where they can live out their lives in safety and comfort.

Our People

The following people give generously of their time and expertise without charge in support of The NZ Cat Foundation.

Anne Batley Burton


Alex Wittten-Hannah

Trustee and Legal Advisor

Ms Kathy Hodge

Sanctuary Carer

Mr Bert Batley

Cat House Builder and Print Designer

Paul Shanley - Carbon Media

Website Build and Hosting

Adoption and Sponsorship

Visit our adoption page - Adoption

We always have cats that need adopting or you can simply sponsor a cat!

Contact Anne directly if you can help.

+64 9 412 2636


Sooty, Whizzbang and Titch have found very happy homes!

Sooty, Whizzbang and Titch need a home

TNR - Trap Neuter Return

TNR - Trap Neuter Return

Feeding Time!

The cats are loving the new space!

Thanks to all who helped. 

Unfortunately the Cat Sanctuary at TheNZCatFoundation is completely FULL.
We are unable to take on any more cats at this time, but we desperately need more volunteers!!!